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Teaching Love with Praise-lets

The relationship between educators and students thrives on attention and praise. Just as children seek their parents' attention, students crave acknowledgment from their teachers. Praise serves as the positive validation students yearn for from their educators. Regrettably, educators often tend to address students only when their behavior is undesirable, overlooking chances to praise them for their positive actions.

A student remains composed at their desk during class. It may go unnoticed by the teacher. However, the moment the student disrupts the class, the teacher intervenes to address the misbehavior.

This isn't to suggest that consequences shouldn't be enforced for disruptive behavior. They absolutely should. However, it's equally crucial to offer positive reinforcement when students exhibit the desired behavior. Essentially, educators should constantly seek and seize opportunities to praise students for their positive conduct, achieving a 4:1 ratio of praise to correction ratio.

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